Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I can't decide if it's better to have a little lame introduction that explains nothing about what I'm going to blog about, or to just dive right into the numbers. I think it looks more official, as long as you look at it from far away and squint. It's like this really profound list of things you absolutely need to read. Really though, you don't need to read my lists. By all means, read it if you want to! Be a creep! I support that COMPLETELY. It probably won't change your life, but I enjoy doing it, and that's what counts. Anyway, here we go.
1. I realized that I have to be in the mood to write. I was going for writing every Sunday, but my brain laughed at me and said, 'Ha! You can't make me! And if you try, I'm going to make you blog about really stupid and/or completely inappropriate things!'. I decided I'm going to do this whenever I feel so inclined, which probably will be about once a week, but who knows. [ps. now that I think about it, I'm not sure that my blog is 'completely appropriate', but I'm not motivated enough to look into that...]
2. I read The Giver a few days ago. It blew my mind. For real.
3. The Provo Library is phenomenal. Its collection of musical soundtracks makes me drool a little thinking about it. And my library card is really freaking adorable. And its full of train wreck/gag-worthy/hilarious teenage mormon books.
4. There are baby ducks at the duck pond! They're almost too adorable for me to handle. And when I was there, a couple was taking engagement pictures. I almost died of cute overload.
5. I would do A LOT to sing like a black woman.
6. For not taking classes or working during the week, I keep myself pretty freaking busy. I'm extremely good at finding ways to entertain myself. I actually went to a missionary prep class this week! I can't tell if that makes me cool or lame, but it was probably the two hours of my life. No joke.
7. I do NOT want to jinx myself by saying the actual word, but I started doing something that starts with R and rhymes with FUN(...ning). I'm trying to get on a regular schedule of it, and I told myself that if I kept it up for three weeks, then I could go buy a dress. Please lazy Jessica, go away forever so that cute, motivated, pretty dress-wearing Jessica can replace you!
8. 'Funning' puts me in a bit of a predicament. Normally, I eat like a normal person, a little more than the average girl, but not too much. Now that I am... participating in that certain activity, I eat like a bear. A really big bear. But I have to buy my own food. The stingy side of me says, 'That's easy, just quit said athletic activity, and you won't spend as much money!', but the healthy, i-wanna-look-and-feel-fabulous side of me says, 'Suck it up, you tightwad.'
9. I cooked meat for the first time this week! I thought I was going to sweat to death, but I did it! And I didn't die of food poisoning/salmonella! And it was actually pretty tasty. =]
10. I think I'm starting to get the hang of being an adult. I mean, I caught my stove on fire last week, but I blame the stove. Other than that, it's a pretty good life. I don't miss the Cannon Center tooooo much. =]
11. I bought chocolate FINALLY. Seriously, I'm a total witch without it. Even if I'm not PMS'ing. Which, by the way I [in my head, of course] yelled at and ripped apart every human being I saw today on campus, I would say that I am. Whatever, I am a happy, woman with enough chocolate and hormones in my system to take over the world.
12. This might be really weird, but it drives me up a wall when people close their hymn books before the song is over. Like, 'Haha! Look at me! I'm in such a hurry for this stupid thing to be over that I'm going to close my book prematurely because if I do, it will end faster! And I can be done earlier! Because I got to church at five after, and that's way too early for me! I've been here way too long! And also, I am such a freaking good mormon, that I don't even need a hymn book to know the words! I have them memorized! See? Watch me sing it without the book, I'm so good.' Oh, shut up! Just keep your book open until the song is over. If you were that good, you would be singing for MoTab. Is that really stupid? If I wasn't in a church, I would totally judge people for doing that. [confession: I kind of already do, but I try not to let it drive me nuts DURING church... if that makes it better...?! haha]
13. I'm really excited to see all the cool people that I love to death this summer!
14. Is it obnoxious that I ENJOY doing dishes?
15. I feel uncomfortable that I don't know ANY of the sister missionaries serving in my home ward right now... I miss hanging out with them and doing that kind of stuff!
16. I'm reading The Geography of Bliss, and I came across a [made up] word that I really like. "Conjoyment: something more than mere contentment but less than full-on joy... to describe all kinds of situations where we feel joyful yet calm at the same time... " I thought it was cool. =]
17. Each summer, I get in this conflict with myself:
[optimistic jessica] I want to buy a bathing suit!
[realistic jessica] I HATE swimming.
[oj] I will enjoy swimming if I have a cute bathing suit!
[rj] That's totally not true. It's a struggle to shower because I hate getting/being wet.
[oj] Oh, but look how cute they are!
[rj] Cool. Then I will have wasted money on a cute swimsuit that I'm going to wear around my apartment and not actually go swimming in because I don't like swimming.
[oj] They're on sale!
[rj] Hm...
[oj] And look! Cute board shorts!
[rj] ...
18. There are these pretty/stupid flowery trees in the apartment complex that I live in, and they like to shed their pretty/stupid/pink leafy things all over the sidewalks. It's been raining the past few days, and so they 1. stick to your shoes and 2. turn a dark red color. I tracked in a bunch of them, and picked what I could off of my shoes and my floor and threw them in the trash. Now whenever I look in my trash can, it looks like blood, and I have a mini-panic attack before I realize they're just the stupid flower things.
19. I don't like gravy. =/


  1. I love your posts. I hope you creep on mine once and a while :D Love you, Kiddo!!!

  2. I wish I could see who you are, I would love to creep! That is, if I don't already... =]