Saturday, June 4, 2011

1. I have discovered something. Whenever I am like, 'Dang, it's 2am, but I have to keep writing. I usually hate blogging and can never come up with anything to talk about, but suddenly I have all these opinions and I only have 19 slots, I have so much to say, but I'm pissed and I really don't know wh-...' I know to go buy some chocolate. It's an easier way to tell that I'm PMS'ing, because, to be honest, I'm a hungry witch ALL the time. I don't want to write ALL the time, though! Bingo.

2. Just because your teeth are showing doesn't mean you're smiling. And showing more teeth doesn't fix your problem either. Fake being happy a little better! [Or maybe just don't take the picture!]

3. I get way too excited about reading sometimes.

4. I LOVE my new MTC shift!

5. I HATE the phrase 'I guess'.

6. I have my headphones in at work, and I was on this website where the Harry Potter theme played [which I didn't know!] and I got so super excited and smiled so big! I tried to not smile because I felt dumb, but I couldn't, which made me look even goofier. I don't care about looking goofy, though. I loves me some Harry Potter.

7. At work, I was walking around looking important, and I saw a sign-up sheet for Dumbledore's Army. Zombie and velociraptor invasions will really suck and everything, but I think the Death Eaters are what we really need to be worried about. Thank you to whoever is starting this up at BYU!

8. I was looking at the dresses in DI, and this lady who was looking on the same rack held up a dress and was like, 'hey, is this anything you're looking for?' It totally wasn't, but I thought it was so sweet of her to try and help me, so I figured I would give the dress a shot. I tried it on, and holy crazy, that lady was smart! I would have never tried it on if it wasn't for her, isn't that funny? I'm actually wearing it right now, haha.

9. My running schedule was a little thrown off this week. Monday, I woke up late and went to the field house at around noon. I was running and minding my own business when a group of extremely attractive, shirtless, ripped, sweaty black men passed me on the track. Did I die and go to heaven? Seriously, BYU is great and all, but I had no idea it was that wonderful. The rest of the week consisted of me waking up early, then going back to bed so that I could go to the field house at noon, with hopes of catching another glimpse of the drool-worthy men. It didn't happen, unfortunately.

10. Really, I would be a lot more sad about not seeing the sexy black men again, but it was really a wonderful, fantastic, and sexy-filled day. I was in the parking lot on the phone with my dad, telling him about the sexiness that I just witnessed. I started to walk in between two cars in the parking lot when the one car's door suddenly opened. I awkwardly stepped back, when I looked up to see Charles Abouo. I think my eyes got really wide, I probably smiled really big, I may have peed in my pants, and I most definitely looked like the dumbest little schoolgirl, but I have no shame. It was such a magical [and totally sexy] day.

11. Bottled water is stupid. Provo water is GREAT! And FREE! If you need a water bottle, I'll give you one.

12. I got another job!

13. I want to have sexy arms.

14. I was running on the track, and I saw this [older] maintenance guy by his truck in the grass. He looked around, and then walked over to this tree. I thought he would, I don't know, do something work-related with said tree [he looked really important], but he didn't. He jumped and grabbed on to a branch and started doing pull-ups. It made my day!

15. I am NOT a hot weather person. At all.

16. I should keep a food journal. Not because I'm counting my calories, but just so I can show people how much food I eat. It's seriously incredible. I bought a loaf of bread Thursday, and today is Sunday and it's gone. And I wasn't eating straight bread for every meal! I made sandwiches for snacks.

17. 'Legit-ly' is not a word. 'Legitimately' is!

18. I don't find myself to be a super sexy human being or anything, but every day I went running this week, I was whistled/hollered at.

19. I think it's weird when people say, 'Let's play sometime!' when they're talking about hanging out. Like. what are we going to play? I mean, if you say we're going to 'play', we better seriously play. I would totally be down for playing with Barbies. Or dinosaurs. Or maybe a good game of hot lava.

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