Wednesday, June 15, 2011

1. I'm out of chocolate. Don't say I didn't warn you.

2. Veggie Tales is SERIOUSLY hilarious.

3. I hiked the Y. And lived to tell the tale.

4. The amount of toilet paper three girls can go through in a week really blew my mind.

5. Also, I found out that I have a LIGHT under my shelf/desk thing. Mind= double blown.

6. I can proudly say that after a week of Liz and Chelsea visiting, none of us died, got kicked out of Utah, were arrested, etc. Success? I think so.

7. I SEVERELY need Harry Potter tickets. Even though every time my hormonal self thinks of the final movie, I cry.

8. My apartment complex got a tanning bed. Am I the only one that is not excited in the slightest about this?

9. Last Sunday was the first time I have been to relief society since... finals week? Whew. I went to all three hours of church, some meeting afterwards, an indexing party, AND ward prayer. I feel like a pretty stellar Mormon. Except when I tried logging into the church's family search website, my records aren't even in my new ward. Or in my old ward. Or in my home ward. Was I excommunicated without my knowledge?

10. My bishopric figured out a way to get me to come to relief society. I have been called as the relief society music... person. I don't know the official name for it, whoops. Basically, I pick the songs and lead the music. Not a lot of people know how much I hate singing in church. If I really want people to think I'm trying, I will mouth the words. I also completely hate leading music in all situations, and am not positive if I can even conduct and sing [er... mouth words] at the same time. Even though I just complained a whole bunch, I am actually really excited about my new calling! I think it will be good for me... haha

11. I am a huge freak. I made an excel spreadsheet of all the boys from my freshman ward that are on/going on missions that includes their mission and leave date in alphabetical order... I also made a word document of everyone leaving, including boys not in my ward, in chronological order, with dates separated into three week periods so that I know who to make cookies for and when... It's kind of awesome and stupid at the same time.

12. I went to the tumbling gym and tried my absolute hardest to be brave. I feel I was successful. I give myself a solid 'B' for effort.

13. It's hard to know when to be brutally honest about things.

14. I rode the TRAX to Salt Lake for the first time with Liz and Chelsea last week! I was scared, but we made it. =]

15. If I could, I would buy a bus pass and just ride it around all day to people watch/listen to bus conversations.

16. I'm pretty sure my broiler doesn't work.

17. Everyone complains about how annoying the EFY kids on campus are, but I think they're awesome!

18. Having long nails makes your hands feel dirty all the time.

19. I have been a super whiny/emotional/hormonal girl this whole week.

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  1. A. hiking the Y is hard, right? B. I know how much you hate singing in church. HAAHAHA. C. SEND ME THAT SPREADSHEET PLEASE. seriously.